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We have outlined below the most common scenarios illustrating how your policy covers you during a pandemic.

Before you travel please check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website to get the most up to date information https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors on travel guidance.

If the FCDO advises against all or all but essential travel our policies will not cover you whilst you are on your trip, unless the FCDO advice is specifically in relation to Coronavirus and you purchase a European single trip policy from this site. For example, if the FCDO advise against travel to a destination due to terrorism threat, we will not provide any cover, but if the advice against travel is in relation to COVID-19 only then cover under your policy remains valid subject to all other terms and conditions.

There is no cover for cancellation or curtailment claims if the reason for cancellation or curtailment is due to FCDO advice for any reason (including COVID-19). In these instances, you should speak to your travel agent or tour operator.


  • You fall ill with COVID-19 before you are due to travel.

    Provided you have had a positive test result within 14 days of the start of the trip, or if you are hospitalised due to Covid-19 within 28 days of the start of the trip you would be covered for cancellation. The test must have been conducted by an approved provider on the Department of Health and Social Care list of providers for Test To Release for international travel or who meet the DHSC minimum Covid19 requirements and standards. The test must be an approved PCR or Lateral Flow Test with a CE mark.

  • You are contacted under the track and trace initiative and advised to self-isolate.

    Provided you are contacted within 14 days prior to your booked departure date, including on the date your trip is due to commence.

  • Your travelling companion falls ill from COVID-19.

    Provided they have had a positive test result within 14 days of the start of the trip, or if you are hospitalised due to Covid-19 within 28 days of the start of the trip you would be covered for cancellation.

  • You, or a travelling companion, are denied boarding by the transport operator as a result of a positive test or temperature reading.

    You would be covered for cancellation of your holiday pre departure if you or a travelling companion were denied boarding at the point of departure due to this reason.


  • You get COVID-19 whilst abroad and require medical treatment.

    Medical expenses would be covered as standard within the terms and conditions of the policy. If you are travelling against medical advice you will not be covered.

  • I’ve checked in at my holiday accommodation, but they need to close as a result of COVID-19.

    If you have checked in to your accommodation, and it then has to close, you will be covered for curtailment of your holiday. You should approach your tour operator or travel company to assist you in the first instance as they have a duty of responsibility to you, which should include finding suitable alternative accommodation.

  • Additional costs following the diagnosis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) while abroad.

    Under the medical expenses section of the policy. It will offer cover for room only and travelling expenses for you and a close relative or friend who you might need to help you if it is deemed medically necessary by our 24 hour emergency assistance team.

  • During your trip you fall ill with COVID-19 and you require a medical escort to help you home.

    We will pay to return you to the UK with a medical escort if deemed necessary by the local doctor and with the approval of our 24 hour emergency assistance team.

  • You fall ill with COVID-19 while abroad and as a result need to extend your stay.

    Your policy would automatically extend to cover this.

  • Hospital benefit in the event of you being admitted overnight due to COVID-19.

    The policy has enhanced COVID-19 hospital benefit cover included as standard.

  • The FCDO travel advice changes whilst I am abroad.

    You do not need to curtail your trip if the FCDO advice changes due to COVID-19. You can continue your holiday knowing that your policy will still be valid and offer you cover. If you do decide to come home you will not be covered for curtailment or cancellation costs.

  • You receive a positive coronavirus test before returning to the UK and unable to travel as per government guidelines.

    Yes cover is provided under the medical expenses section for reasonable and necessary additional accommodation (room only) and travel expenses if you are unable to return to the UK as planned due to a failed COVID-19 test as per entry requirements to the UK. Please note if you are instructed to quarantine in government / official accommodation you must do so as we will not pay for alternative accommodation if you chose to stay elsewhere.


  • The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advise against travelling to your intended destination due to COVID-19 and you wish to cancel your trip due to this reason.

    No cancellation cover is provided for this reason. Please note cover is provided for travel to European countries where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office or World Health Organisation has advised against travel, or all but essential travel if the advice is solely in relation to Coronavirus and you have a single trip policy.

  • The government introduces compulsory quarantine for travellers coming back from your intended destination and you no longer want to travel.

    There is no cover under this policy for not wanting to travel. There is no cover for any costs (e.g. loss of earnings) due to having to quarantine on your return.

  • You are shielding or your doctor has advised against travel because of COVID-19.

    People who are shielding in the pandemic are advised not to travel. We wouldn’t expect people who are shielding to be booking to travel, as this is an know risk. You would not be covered if your doctor advises against travel after you have booked your trip. However, if the current pandemic disappears, shielding stops, and you book a future trip and subsequently receive a positive NHS test or hospitalisation due to a future pandemic, cover would be provided as above.

  • The area where I’m due to stay is placed into lockdown by local government meaning I can no longer go on my trip.

    There is no cover under this policy for this scenario. You should contact your tour operator or travel company who maybe able to amend dates or provide a refund.

  • Government lockdown restrictions are in place when you are scheduled to depart on your trip.

    If local or national travel restrictions are in place due to Covid-19, cover would only apply under the policy if you were travelling for legally permitted reasons. For further information please check National lockdown: Stay at Home - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). If you are travelling against lockdown regulations your policy will not be valid and claims are unlikely to be covered.


  • I am refused entry into a country due to COVID-19.

    You would only be covered under the medical expenses section of cover if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and this is the reason you can’t enter. For any other costs, your tour operator or travel company should help you and you should contact them for help.

  • The area where I’m staying is placed into lockdown by the local government and I can’t return home.

    You should contact your tour operator or travel company for help.

  • While you are on holiday there is a spike in local cases, and you wish to cut short your holiday.

    There is no cover in this instance.

  • The area you are staying in is locked down on the instruction of local government or public health officials.

    There is no cover in this instance.

  • Your traveling companion is diagnosed with Covid-19 and you have been advised to self-isolate for 14 days which means you will miss your return flight.

    There is no cover in this instance unless you return a positive Covid-19 test result.

  • The cost of a COVID-19 test to permit the you to travel on your inbound journey back to the United Kingdom.

    The cost of the test is not covered under the policy, irrespective of the result.

  • You are unable to board your inbound journey to the UK as you have been unable to demonstrate an acceptable negative result due to failure to take a test in time/a provider failing to provide the result in time/you losing paperwork demonstrating a negative result or you being unable to source a test due to lack of testing supply, availability or any other reason.

    There is no cover for additional travel or accommodation costs unless you return a positive COVID-19 test result.

  • I am contacted by NHS Test & Trace whilst abroad and told to self isolate, incurring additional accommodation and travelling expenses.

    No we wouldn’t cover any necessary additional accommodation or travelling expenses should you need to self isolate whilst abroad, unless you test positive for Covid-19.

If you have any additional questions or need further information you can email customerservices@getcover.com or call 01689 892 258.